things that have happened since i last updated

- moved out of my beloved dorm room :( man i get attached easily. next year i'll be living in an apartment! gah. i wish we were guaranteed more than one year of housing. i LOVED dorm life.
- i finally got my drivers license after FAILING back in april
- i went to comic con and had one of the best days EVER! got to meet SIMON PEGG, EDGAR WRIGHT, and JESSICA HYNES! zomg they were so nice. i actually won a ticket to their signing which is pretty amazing because i never win those things. anyway, i went up to edgar first and told him that i was really nervous and he looked me in the eye, held my hands, and said "Don't be nervous...alright, let's count to 10." OMG. i was freaking out, but somehow managed to count along with him and not puke. simon pegg was next to edgar and he kept looking at us in amusement. haha. i had actually made a SPACED bag and brought it with me to comic con. simon and jessica both really liked it! simon thought it was cool and jessica said "oh it's cute and environmentally friendly!" to which i replied "and cheap" [since i only paid $3 for the tote bag] and they both laughed! alkdjfkla;jd;kfjl i actually made them laugh. i somehow managed to turn to simon while jessica was signing my bag and asked him for a hug and he obliged. holy shit my chin was on simon pegg's back and his face was in my hair! jessica also gave me a hug and a kiss! oh my god i seriously died and went to heaven. afterwards i managed to walk away and freak out. since i was alone at that point, i called mara and caitlin and left them both crazy messages.
- LOLZ sorry how could i forget ~TWILIGHT~ at comic con. it was the first day of comic con and we had just landed in san diego and we were running on an average of 3 hours of sleep. the place fucking exploded whenever someone mentioned ~TWILIGHT~. i still love rpattz's description..."IT WAS LIKE THE GATES OF HELL OPENING" HAHA. rpattz speaks the truth. he and kristen stewart were so hiiiiiiiigh. HAHAHA. i kind of feel bad for all the little girls around us because we were just cackling at all of their responses and kept commenting on their drug use. angela wanted to go up and ask rpattz what his drug of choice was.OH OH and there was a TWILIGHT MOM! HAHAH i lol'd for a good 10 minutes when she showed up and asked the most ~important~ question: "BOXERS OR BRIEFS?" i loved seeing all the twilighters with their TEAM EDWARD/TEAM JACOB shirts. they will so be regretting those in about 5 years...maybe even less since BREAKING DAWN is apparently such a massive FAIL.
- volunteering at a hospital gift shop = reading magazines while listening to the gossip of senior citizens. oh and menopause.
-OLYMPICS!!! i love having something to watch every night. as much as michael phelps annoys me, he's actually been very entertaining to watch. swimming is an awesome sport to watch and not only because it's the only sport that i can really do. it's very exciting and there's no way a relay team can be disqualified, like in track and field. ugh track and field is just frustrating to watch. major LOLZ at all the spots on chinese culture. WTF @ scorpions, starfish, etc in the food piece. um no one in china really eats's mostly for tourism. christ nbc is just destroying chinese culture. ugh and the whole "I'M A LITTLE TEAPOT" during the tea ceremony. bitch you need to stfu and be more appreciative of some of the things that are being performed and/or provided for you. have some respect. oh and that panda breeding piece was hilarious. JEAAAAAAH!!
-a walk to remember = awful and incredibly cheesy. i actually laughed throughout the entire movie. the notebook = decent and the ending made me could be the combination of rachel mcadams and ryan gosling. they're actually incredibly cute together, unlike mandy moore and whats-his-face..shane west?
- THE DARK KNIGHT = UHHMAZING. and even better when you get to see it in IMAX for free. oh and TWO DAYS BEFORE THE REST OF THE COUNTRY.
- new plan = sign up for free screenings and walk into other movies. this is what we did the other day and got to see "tropic thunder" instead of "the rocker"

oh and here's a video from SPACEDINVASION

@ 2:13 you can see edgar counting with me! haha i love simon's confusion

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i am working on my last paper of the school year. film studies. analyzing "citizen kane" and "gilda." i have about 5 pages done and it needs to be 7 to 8...ughhh.

i can do it.
i can do it.
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...but I'm hoping you'll stick around

I saw Flight of the Conchords last night. They were amazing! One of the best nights ever, but I didn't get to meet them and it was one of the things I was looking forward to. They've been doing meet and greets for all of the shows thus far and I was pretty disappointed to hear that they came out, briefly, around 11:20ish [I left around 10:45 because Caitlin's dad had to drive us back to Davis]....but they didn't really take pictures or anything.

Poor guys. They're probably exhausted. =/

There's always next time...

oh wow

hey there.

i haven't used this in 38987 years.

so i'm trying to study for my music lit midterm, but i'm procrasinating. as usual.
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